Jack Canfield Success Principles Certified Trainer

Life Is Your Song, What Will Your Lyrics Be?

In a matter of seconds, Tonya went from being a multi-million dollar executive and singing starlet to dead in her bathroom.  Even more shockingly, she came back to life against all odds and fought through debilitating physical handicaps to reclaim her life.  Her Bold New Book,” Life Is Your Song: Discover Your Voice” fuses her own successful story with a proven blueprint anyone can use to construct the life of their dreams.

Tonya Ware is the Creator and Host of the popular “Saturday Success Church” where she is helping countless people achieve success!  Tonya is a Certified Trainer and Transformational Coach in the Jack Canfield Train the Trainer - Breakthrough To Success Program.   She is changing the lives of many by sharing her easy-to-follow success strategies.   Tonya has been featured on ABC, FOX, BET and more.