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Tonya H. Ware

My Story

I am a native of Key West, Florida, and I began singing at the age of six. My first public audience (outside of my church) was while I was in middle school. I would accompany my dad and other ministers when they went to minister to inmates in local jails.   As soon as I opened my mouth to share my music, the inmates rushed to the front bars to hear me sing. I became known as the “little girl with THE VOICE.”

After graduating from high school with honors, I enrolled and graduated from Mississippi State University. There, I joined a noted campus choir and traveled extensively, singing at concerts, events, churches, and corporate functions.

After graduating from college I landed an amazing job. For more than twelve years, I focused my attention on my career, a Benefits and Retirement Planner for a Fortune 500 Company.  At this point, life for me was really great. Growing up very poor, I had vowed that I would work hard to be successful. My career became my life and working 16 to 18 hour days was my norm.

In early 2006, I recorded my debut album, Tonya Ware ~ “The Voice”.   My single release, “Put My Hand In Yours,” written by the legendary Marvin Winans, was praised around the world. For this “hit single” I was pleased to garner a prestigious Stellar Award nomination. So, I was working my Benefits and Retirement Planner position daily and my weekends were consumed with recording music.

In December 2006, after pushing my body for several years, I got up early to prepare for another productive day and suddenly died in my master bathroom. After being miraculously revived, I went into a series of tests, exams, and doctor’s appointments that declared me totally disabled. I went from being a corporate executive, who had just recorded a debut album – “Tonya Ware – The Voice”, to life as a virtual shut-in only being able to leave my house a few times a week. Over the years of being treated, depression, anger, fear of the future, and profound sadness became my daily meditation. The worst thing of all happened: I lost my myself, my inner voice.   I wanted give up and die.

My husband, was always looking for ways to cheer me up. He would bring me inspirational books, let me listen to motivational speakers, and tell me things would get better. On one such day, he called me upstairs to watch an interview Oprah Winfrey was having with LL Cool J.  As I was listening to the interview I heard LL Cool J say, “Dreams don’t have Deadlines.” In that moment,  I realized that I had been so depressed because I was grieving the life I had lost.   My inner switch turned back on.   I saw that I still had the power to control my outlook on life and push forward with the dreams I had by taking simple, easy, baby steps.  Today, my true calling is to help people around the world reset their inner compass, understand who they really are, and find their place of purpose in this world!  I am passionately helping others get unstuck, beat depression, and reclaim their lives.

book cover: Life Is Your Song
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